Targeting Voluntary, Incentive-Based Agricultural Conservation to Address Landscape-Scale Conservation Objectives

Friday, October 24, 2014: 3:15 PM-4:15 PM
Meridian C (Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center)
Agricultural activities are a key component of many large landscapes and effective delivery of conservation assistance to agricultural producers is a critical factor in achieving landscape-scale conservation outcomes.  Presenters in this session will provide insight into the theory and practice of targeting conservation programs for large scale benefit.  A historic overview of conservation targeting will provide a background for understanding macro and field scale targeting approaches.  These presentations will take into account natural resource as well as social science factors that influence an individual producer’s adoption of conservation practices.  The session will end with a presentation of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service approach to delivering landscape scale conservation through Landscape Conservation Initiatves.
Session Chair:
Martin Lowenfish
3:15 PM
Conservation Targeting: Past, Present, and Future
Douglas Lawrence, Blackwoods Group LLC; Douglas Helms, USDA/NRCS Retired
3:30 PM
Targeting farm conservation efforts for improving water quality
Michelle Perez, World Resources Institute
3:45 PM
Incorporating opportunity costs in conservation design.
Loren Burger, Mississippi State University; Mark McConnell, Mississippi State University
4:00 PM
Designing Landscape Conservation Initiatives to Deliver Agricultural Conservation Programs
Martin Lowenfish, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
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