Integrated Landscape Conservation Cooperative Planning Atlases Powered by Data Basin: Building Collaborative Solutions

Friday, October 24, 2014: 10:20 AM-11:50 AM
Hemisphere A (Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center)
Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) have partnered with Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) to build 11 Conservation Planning Atlases (CPAs) powered by Data Basin (databasin.org). The CPAs are science-support and collaborative engagement platforms for LCC stakeholders working across organizational and geographical boundaries.  The Atlases allow users to integrate, analyze, and communicate about the distribution, status, trends, risks, threats, and factors affecting priority wildlife, plants, cultural resources, and ecosystems.

This session brings together the CPA curators from the NPLCC, NALCC, SALCC, GCPLCC, and SRLCC. The session will provide a general introduction to the new and emerging CPAs, provide training opportunities, outreach materials, and recommendations for leveraging LCC investments in CPAs.

• Panel Presentation and Discussion:  Tosha Comendant will provide an introductory overview (5 minutes).   Each LCC curator will present an overview of the primary purpose of their Conservation Planning Atlas, use-cases, geographic, and thematic priorities.  Panel will open for audience questions and facilitated discussion of topics such as emerging data and information needs, opportunities for system integration, and strategies for increased CPA stakeholder engagement (60 minutes).

• Break-out sessions:  Workshop participants will rotate between 5 available stations facilitated by CPA curators.  Participants can observe live demonstrations, engage in discussions, and have options to explore the CPA content and functionality through interactive exercises available in handout (30minutes).  

This session provides new training materials developed by subject experts that will be available beyond the workshop to build awareness and capacity for mapping, analysis, and science communication.  These training materials will highlight key themes, geographies, and partners across the LCC network. Recommendations captured from the discussion will be shared in newsletters and ongoing projects with LCC CPA stakeholders.

Session Chair:
Tosha Comendant
10:20 AM
Integrated Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) Planning Atlases Powered by Data Basin: Building Collaborative Solutions
Tosha Comendant, Conservation Biology Institute; Blair Tirpak, USGS; Amy Keister, USFWS; Kevin Johnson, USFWS; BJ Richardson, USFWS; Tom Miewald, USFWS
11:20 AM
Breakout Discussions
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