Restoration in the Colorado River Delta: Minute 319 & the Impact of the March/April 2014 Pulse Flow

Friday, October 24, 2014: 1:25 PM-2:55 PM
Horizon B (Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center)
This session will explore the ongoing, multi-partner work to conserve and restore critical ecosystem services and functions within the Colorado River Delta ecosystem, a wetland of international significance which provides important habitat for hundreds of migratory birds, and is home to several endangered species.  Session presenters will touch on the remarkable success of binational negotiations to approve a treaty amendment, Minute 319, which outlines an innovative pilot program to restore base flows, and authorize a vital pulse flow, to restore environmental values in the watershed.  Presenters will also discuss the ongoing monitoring and restoration efforts to build on the impacts of the recent pulse flow, which occurred in March/April 2014.  Lastly, the presentation will conclude with lessons learned from the recent pulse flow, and plans for securing base flows to support riparian and wetland habitats, as well as the possibility of the next pulse flow.
Susan Culp
Session Chair:
Susan Culp
1:25 PM
Minute 319 Restoration Results
Francisco Zamora, Sonoran Institute
1:45 PM
Restoration flows to the Colorado River Delta: Monitoring the effects of a large landscape experiment
Karl Flessa, University of Arizona; The Delta Science Team, various
2:25 PM
Tracking the Pulse Flow and its Hydrological Impacts
Jorge Ramirez, Autonomous University of Baja California
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