Conservation Innovation Special Session

Friday, October 24, 2014: 3:15 PM-4:15 PM
Meridian B (Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center)
This is a special session of single presentations under the Conservation Innovation topic/theme.
Session Chair:
Greg Wathen
3:15 PM
Working across state lines to achieve habitat and species conservation: National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative Coordinated Implementation Program
Thomas Dailey, National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative; John Morgan, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources; Ken Duren, Ohio Division of Wildlife; Don McKenzie, National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative; Marc Puckett, Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries; Chuck Kowaleski, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
3:35 PM
Optimizing a Refuge Plan a practical example on the Texas Gulf Coast
Sarah McCabe, Pennsylvania State University
3:55 PM
Climate envelope models for forecasting and prioritizing conservation needs for migratory waterfowl throughout North America
Michael Schummer, SUNY Oswego; Michael Notaro, Center for Climatic Research- UW Madison; John Coluccy, Duck Unlimited; Richard Kaminski, Mississippi State University; Michael Mitchell, Ducks Unlimited, Inc.; Lena Vanden Elsen, Long Point Waterfowl
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