The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement: A New Model For Conservation of Large Landscapes

Friday, October 24, 2014: 10:20 AM-11:50 AM
Polaris C (Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center)
Canada’s boreal forest is one of the largest and most ecologically significant ecosystems on the planet and the source of supply for one of Canada’s most significant natural resource sectors. Recognizing this fact, environmental organizations (ENGOs) and forest companies in Canada signed a ground-breaking conservation agreement in May 2010.  The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) is a precedent-setting initiative to demonstrate leadership in developing and implementing a globally significant model for conservation and resource management in Canada’s large boreal landscape.  Covering over 73 million hectares of managed forests, this is the world’s largest conservation agreement. 

The CBFA has six goals, including improved prosperity of the Canadian forest sector and the communities that depend upon it; the completion of a network of protected areas that, taken as a whole, represents the diversity of ecosystems within the Boreal region and serves to protect ecological benchmarks; and development of world-leading forestry practices.  The CBFA represents a fresh approach with potential to be highly effective in addressing environment and development challenges, through a true partnership between former adversaries.

This session on the CBFA will explore how the CBFA articulates a broad vision and approach to planning and managing Canada’s vast boreal forest landscape, the challenges and opportunities in planning, and progress to-date. It can provide an inspiring example of an original approach to conservation for large landscapes that is at the heart of the workshop. The session will include perspectives on conservation planning to date from the forest sector, environmental organization, and a science perspective.

Session Chair:
Wynet Smith
10:20 AM
CBFA: a new model of conservation collaboration
Aran O'Carroll, Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement
10:40 AM
The Forest Industry and the CBFA
Mark Hubert, Forest Products Association of Canada
11:00 AM
Environmental Groups and the CBFA
Janet Sumner, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Wildlands League
11:20 AM
The role of science in the CBFA
Fiona Schmiegelow, U. Alberta
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